Update: 1 year of Postcards from Kwaj

In the last year (yes, we’ve been mailing postcards for over a year now) nearly 40 postcards have crawled their way across the Pacific via boat, barge, and airplane to 15 states and three countries. We’ve sent notes to students in Nebraska, a postcard collector in Hawaii, a grad student in Washington, and a former Kwaj resident in Texas.

A postcard in every state

Now, we have a new goal: send a postcard to every state in the USA. So far, the cards have reached every state in green:

States in green have been sent at least one Postcard from Kwaj.

Is your state gray on the map? Sign up now and help us meet our goal! Is your state already on the list? That’s okay! We’d love to send you a card anyway! 

Click here to sign up for a Postcard from Kwaj!

blank address of postcard
We have blank postcards, and you have an address. Let us send you a Postcard from Kwaj!

If you’re already the lucky recipient of a Postcard from Kwaj, congrats! We’re happy our note made its way to you. If you signed up but didn’t get a card yet, let us know via the contact page of the website or send us a note on our Facebook or Instagram page. We’ve checked off everyone on our sign up list (we were a little behind, so a couple are on their way to Missouri and the Netherlands), so we aren’t tracking you if you don’t have your card yet.